Initial Thoughts

There are so many ideas out there and there are so many ways of accomplishing the same idea or challenge. Things can get murky as on the one hand we have all got access to so much information right at our finger tips. The question really is to figure out which information is correct for us and our goals.


I can easily peruse the vast database that exists on Pubmed and use the information to scare a person away from consuming saturated fats. Just as easily, I can scare a person in to completely avoiding sugar. Likewise, I could also use articles in Pubmed demonstrating the proven beneficial effects of both saturated fats and sugar.


If this all seems to confusing, it should be. The problem we have is information overload. Just because we have access to much information, so many studies all with conflicting data doesn’t mean it’s the correct or even incorrect for that matter. Both sugar and saturated fats can be beneficial or detrimental given anyone’s particular situation. Really, what I am trying to say in this first post, in the most convoluted way possible, is that it all depends.

by Ray Riordan

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